Sample E-book Pages

E-books aren't exactly like printed books. File formats such as Mobi and EPUB are designed to adapt themselves to the needs of the user, who can adjust fonts, text size, page width and justification to taste, and to the needs of the device on which the book is being read, which can reflow the text to fit the width and length of the screen.

But don't let anyone tell you that this means you can't give the electronic edition of your book an appearance just as elegantly designed as a print book. You can and we'll do it for you. We know how to make your e-book look as beautiful as a printed edition without losing the customizability that makes e-book formats so great and we'll show you examples to prove it. If you'd like, we'll even take a chapter of a book you've written and format it so that it will be a thing of beauty on the screen of a Kindle, Nook, iPad or any other e-book device you'd like prospective readers to view it on. We think you'll like the results so much you'll want to see your entire book done that way.

Here are some examples of our e-book interiors. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Kindle E-reader

iPad iBooks