Editing Rates

Our editing rates aren't complicated: 1 cent per word for written works of any length.

That's simple, right? If you've written a 5,000-word short story, editing will cost a mere $50, which isn't a lot, and will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your story has received the sort of professional treatment that authors have enjoyed since Johannes Gutenberg invented the publishing industry half a millennium ago. If you write a 100,000-word book, the editing will cost $1,000, which unless you're Donald Trump is a serious chunk of change, but considering all the effort you put into writing that 100,000-word book, it's still a bargain. Chris, our expert, hard-working and congenial editor, will make sure that every penny of your investment goes into making your book the best 100,000 words of prose that it can possibly be.

And if you genuinely can't afford these rates, give us a hardship story. We're human. We want you to be able to feed the baby and make the car payments too. We'd like to keep you as a repeat customer. We don't just want to make your book look good. We want to make you happy, so that you'll use our services again and recommend them to friends.