Praise for Christopher Lampton

Dear Christopher,

Thank you very much for the great work you did on my novel, "Wolf Dawn". I was pleased and impressed with the editing work you attended. You made it the finished product it is today. I was astonished at how spot on and exacting your work was. I paid for a line editor, but you also came up with good ideas of areas of improvement, which was more than I expected. After making some serious suggestions, you actually went over large parts of the book again for me—well beyond the call of duty. A diamond result at a garnet price I think! Thank you again and I look forward having your assistance with all my future books.

Sue Cartwright
Author of Wolf Dawn

Praise for Amy Gilbert

Dear Amy,

As the author of my first book, I would like to thank you for all your help and generous hand holding. I am also grateful for how you took me along step-by-step and remained in constant communication as together we decided on the cover art and typesetting of my book “Wolf Dawn.”  I know I wrote you many emails with lots of probably stupid questions, but I really appreciate how you took your time, answered each question and didn't make me feel like an idiot. You were very approachable and managed my concerns, easily and rapidly.

My book “Wolf Dawn” was laid out professionally, and your design of the book cover was very unique and creative. The final product for both ebook and paperback versions are fantastic. I will be using your services for all my future books. The price was very reasonable. In my opinion no large Publishing Company could have created a better result.

To sum up: Professional—friendly—excellent product—value for money. Thank you….

After all our liaison together I feel like you are a good friend. If I get out to California I will definitively be coming to visit both you and Christopher!

Sue Cartwright
Author of Wolf Dawn
Amy worked with me nearly every day until we were both pleased with my book. She has a keen eye and attends to every detail. I couldn't have asked for more!

Rick Billings

Author of The Tragic Tale of Mr. Moofs

Praise for Illuminated Pages

Amy Gilbert is an excellent book designer and Chris Lampton, her partner in Illuminated Pages, is a skillful copy editor whose work can improve any author's work. (I ought to know. I've worked with him in my own manuscript coaching business for the last five years.) I highly recommend their services.

David Bischoff
Author, Manuscript Coach
and Owner of Hotspur Publishing
It is quite satisfying to know that my work meets the expectations of discriminating readers. To that end, I've worked with Chris and Amy on all my projects, and their work has been nothing less than professional. In my opinion, no one should self-publish in a vacuum, and without a doubt, it would benefit all authors to seek out their help, to ensure their book gets both the same editorial oversight and packaging finesse of any large publisher in the business.

Saul Garnell
Author of Freedom Club