Sample Cover Designs

At Illuminated Pages, we don't use standard cover designs or templates. We think a book's cover is the most important part of the package we provide you because it's the first part a reader sees. It's the part that inspires potential buyers to take that all-important step of picking up your book (or clicking on the Look Inside button) and finding out what it is you've written.

We want to work personally with you, the author, to design a cover that reflects your intent in writing the book and that illustrates its contents in a way that grabs the eye, excites the mind and tells even the most casual observer that you care about the words you've spent so many hours of your time composing.

And we want to give you that cover at a reasonable cost without making it look like you had it done on a budget.

Here are some examples of our covers. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.