Give your book the polish it deserves.

Self-published doesn't have to mean amateurish. You're a professional writer. And even if you're not also a professional book designer and editor, your book can have the kind of polish that will catch the attention of readers and make your prose a pleasure to read.

E-book Design for Kindle, Apple iPad,
the Nook and more

E-books are an economical and increasingly popular way of reaching readers via Internet retailers like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. We know how to design your e-book to make it stand out from the crowd and can offer advice on how to get the online distribution you need.

Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a digital technology that allows you to print as many or as few physical copies of your book as you want without having to pay for unnecessarily high print runs. The cost per copy is steeper than with traditionally published books, but you can save money by printing only those books you need. We'll design POD editions for you and help you find printers and distributors.

Who We Are

We're Amy Gilbert and Chris Lampton. Together we're Illuminated Pages, a book design firm dedicated to helping self-published authors create beautifully crafted electronic and print-on-demand editions of their books at reasonable prices.

Book Design

Amy is our book designer. She has an eye for quality and the skills to put that quality where it belongs: on the page. She'll work with you personally to decide what works for your book and what best reflects your vision as the book's author.


Chris is our editor. He not only has a terrific command of English grammar, spelling and style, but he's a writer himself and knows how to hone your prose to a professional sheen while retaining the distinctive voice that makes your writing unique.

Quality Work at Affordable Prices

We're good, really good, and we don't work for free. But we also don't want to clean out your bank account and will work with you to find a rate schedule that you can afford. We want you to come back to us with your next book too…and the one after that and the one after that, because we want to keep your business. We think you'll find our combination of price and quality is the best in the industry. All our work is done in-house by two people, is handcrafted and not generated by automated conversion software, and has a personal, creative touch that will make your book look at least as good as those produced by the large publishing houses. And we're so sure that you'll like what we do that we'll only ask for partial payment up front.

You may be a self-published author but that doesn't make you an amateur. Have your book designed and edited by professionals.